Pay-per-click digital advertising

Paid, targeted advertising campaigns on Google AdWords, Twitter and Facebook

How can you hope to convince prospective patients that you’re a forward-thinking practice if you’re still only using 20th century advertising methods? Don’t worry – we’ll bring your image bang up to date and help you take advantage of all the wonders digital advertising has to offer.


In addition to being in sync with contemporary lifestyles, attracting more patients and increasing awareness of your practice, digital advertising provides a targeted, cost effective answer.


So what is it? When we talk about digital advertising, we’re referring to paid placements on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and of course the all-important Google AdWords. Each platform has its own format and special advantages and, lucky for you, we know them all, inside-out.

What do our digital advertising campaigns include?

Campaign Creation:

We conduct the necessary market research to learn more about your competitors and your local area, then we set up your ad campaign, targeting the appropriate demographic and using the most relevant keywords.

Professional advice and recommendations:

You’ll benefit throughout the process from our expertise, with guidance on budgeting to maximise your advertising investment and provide the most cost-effective results. The lines of communication also stay open about any feedback received or amendments you may wish to make to the campaign.

Design of digital adverts:

Of course our team of in-house designers creates the adverts for you, using your branding and taking into account all the market and keyword research we’ll have already done on your behalf.


We don’t just send the advert out into the world and abandon it. We also keep an eye out for new keyword opportunities, such as if there’s a news item that triggers interest in a certain treatment, and can update the campaign accordingly.


We appreciate that advertising is an investment and you need to know that it’s working for you, so we monitor statistics and report back to you on the results you’re getting. Based on this feedback, we can work with you to maximise your future advertising budget.