Give your dental pay-per-click digital advertising campaign a place to land

Give your dental pay-per-click digital advertising campaign a place to land

Often, if you are running a specific campaign or offer, it’s strongly advisable to create a separate landing page where interested patients are directed. This can be crucial in the success of your campaign, and if done correctly with key information and an obvious call to action (either to call or complete a form most commonly) will result in heaps of new leads. This is normally a temporary part of your existing website, but can be a separate micro-site depending on your individual needs.

3 simple steps to new patients using a campaign-specific landing page


We research the keywords in your area to see what people are searching for, in this example we’re focusing on ‘teeth whitening’ for a practice based in Orlando. From there we can tailor the advert to people using the search term so that your advert appears.


Your potential new patient has used your search term and found your advert, had their interest piqued and clicked the link! What now? They are taken to your targeted landing page, full of information and an appealing special offer that they surely can’t resist.


Now this is the good bit! Your soon-to-be new patient has decided they like what they see, and in the simple click of a button are taken to an online form to complete their details and register for treatment at your practice… Voila!

What do our digital advertising campaigns include?

  • Campaign Creation: We conduct the necessary market research to learn more about your competitors and your local area, then we set up your ad campaign, targeting the appropriate demographic and using the most relevant keywords.
  • Professional advice and recommendations: You’ll benefit throughout the process from our expertise, with guidance on budgeting to maximize your advertising investment and provide the most cost-effective results. The lines of communication also stay open about any feedback received or amendments you may wish to make to the campaign.
  • Design of digital adverts: Of course our team of in-house designers creates the adverts for you, using your branding and taking into account all the market and keyword research we’ll have already done on your behalf.
  • Maintenance: We don’t just send the advert out into the world and abandon it. We also keep an eye out for new keyword opportunities, such as if there’s a news item that triggers interest in a certain treatment, and can update the campaign accordingly.
  • Reporting: We appreciate that advertising is an investment and you need to know that it’s working for you, so we monitor statistics and report back to you on the results you’re getting. Based on this feedback, we can work with you to maximize your future advertising budget.