Favorite question of the Dentist – What to Blog Or Post on Social Media

Favorite question of the Dentist – What to Blog Or Post on Social Media

In order to generate online traction, it’s important to be consistent in your message social-statsand be interesting – it’s hard to listen to silence, and difficult to engage with ‘boring’ – so why would you do so on social media sites? Being remarkable and sharing in the way described below will help your team become more personable and approachable – remember, people ‘buy’ people.

Here are a few ‘ice breaker’ ideas to keep your social media pages interesting:


Photos are best used for Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. It’s good to note that Facebook’s edgerank algorithm favours photos, making them more likely to appear in your follower’s timelines than a standard text status update.  With Pinterest you can be a bit more quirky, think outside of the box and pin photos of old fashioned dental surgeries, for example.

More photo ideas could be:

  • Photos of your practice
  • Photos of your team
  • Charity events
  • Team building days
  • Your latest patient case


 Practice news:

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are probably the best platform for sharing news about the practice, here are a few examples:

  • Treatment information
  • Available appointment times
  • Staff courses and achievements
  • Staff changes
  • Emergency dentistry contact details
  • Blogs
  • Financing options
  • Latest reviews / testimonials



Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are great for promoting your latest special offers – and it’s good practice to add ‘value’ to the patient by rewarding them for following your posts.

Discounts, free consultations and whatever else are personal preference – some love them, and others hate them.  If you do decide a promotion is right for you, be mindful not to over sell; you wouldn’t walk into a party full of people you’ve never met before and force your business cards into their hands.  The same thing is to be said for social media promotions, you will have a rapport with some, but not all, be forceful and your followers will very quickly find the ‘unfollow’ button.


Checklist blog: people like the gratification of being able to tick something off a list – so for example, you could write a 10 point checklist for “Bi-Annual Dental Hygiene” and challenge your reader to tick off each element in the next 6 months (make sure one of them is to book their next hygienist appointment… at your practice).


Tutorial blogs: take your patients step-by-step through a process of how to do something (This is a great place to embed some ‘rich content’ on your website by presenting the tutorial via a video!).


Tip blogs: offer an aggregated list of valuable tips on how to do something; like tips for properly brushing your teeth, or how to spot when your toothbrush needs changing.


Our Creative Director at DMI always says :”Maintaining a blog is a really powerful thing but only – if you commit to it.”