Why Choose DMI for your Dental Office


We understand your goal as well as your ideal and target patient before we start with work.

Our goal is to understand everything about your practice, determine top competitors and come up with the unique selling proposition and understand how people around your community search and select their dentist.

This is important because this will help people understand why people should be choosing you over other dental practices. You must remember that you are selling solutions to dental problems.



We drive new patient conversions using Google adwords.

Our goal is to get your website to top in ranks in Google Adwords for the most commonly used terms in your market. This is important because roughly 35% of people click on paid ads on Google which gives an enormous opportunity to attract potential patients looking for a dentist in your market.

We encourage and recommend pay-per-click in the first few months of SEO campaign so you can begin to attract new patients to your dental practice while your rankings in the search engines are still improving.

PPC is an effective way to drive foot traffic to your site, you do not pay for getting your ads displayed on Google search, and you only pay when someone clicks on the ad to be taken to your website. This is an effective method because it delivers your ads to potential customers who are actually looking for your services at that very moment when they are searching for a dentist.



We have observed a great return of investment through retargeting and it has delivered amazing results for dental practices.

Our goal is to make your visitors remember your practice the moment they look for a dental service. Retargeting is effective because this gives focus on the people who are already familiar of your practice and have recently displayed interest. This is a powerful and efficient conversion optimization tool but will only work best if it is used as a large part of a digital strategy.



You are guaranteed great rankings at the most popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.



We create new and unique content for your website on a regular basis to keep your pages fresh for your audience.

Our goal is to increase people’s awareness about your practice to promote services to both existing and possible patients. We will help you become outstanding in your community. This will help your practice by giving you the ability to interact with your audience or patients and at the same time promote your services. Blogs will also give you the ability to publish your content on other popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

You should not have blog posts that are too lengthy because your visitors might be losing their interest in staying on your page. It is helpful if you include sub headings and bullet points so it makes it easier for them to scan quickly if they are looking for the information they want. Helpful tips will also be an attractive read that’s specific to your practice.



About 50% of your website traffic are coming from mobile users and this should therefore be taken advantage of as a strategy.

Our goal is to create a mobile version of your website that is Google approved. This is going to help your practice because a significant percentage of your website traffic is coming from those who are using their smart phones. It is important to have a mobile version of your site because it is a lot easier for your visitors to navigate, look for you and contact you. Having a mobile version will also help you get a top rank on search engine rankings. The mobile site we will create will definitely match the appearance as well as the content of your current website.



You will be provided with an effective email that is proven to work because we believe that email is an excellent way to get in touch.

Our goal is to keep patients to get in touch and get them to follow you and give you great reviews. It is critical to make potential patients trust you and like you as quickly as possible and this is the objective of a marketing campaign. It takes several contacts before a potential customer final makes a decision which is why it is important to always do a follow up and a lot of efforts to reach out.



It is important to establish a good reputation for your practice and we will help you achieve it.

It is our goal to build the kind of reputation that will attract potential customers and protect that reputation. Possible patients are relying on what the majority think of you so that means that a good reputation is equivalent to conversion of new patients. We will also make sure that your reviews will be posted on the places that matter, on the relevant sites.



You will be given updates on everything that is going on in your campaign, every details and how they are working.



You do not even have to think twice about using social media.

Our goal is to maximize social media as there are a billion of people who are into this especially Facebook. This is to be used as a means to connect and foster relationships with existing and potential customers alike. This will help your patients feel that they are well taken care of and are part of a safe community.

The social media sites are an excellent way to extend the connection and care for your patients which is an integral element of your marketing strategy. It may take a lot of effort and time to create an ideal environment online but that is why we are here to make it possible.



To make conversion easier, our live chat service can add up 20% more to your new patients.

Our goal is to utilize chat services to provide real time and prompt responses to new patients. You will be given immediate notification after every chat, email or text message and even be connected to your prospect during the chat session.



Your website can make or break a visitor’s first impression of your dental practice which is why it is important that you have a great and amazing site which is something we can make possible for you.